We have selected styles from various suppliers that we believe offer good value for money based on quality and price. These samples can be viewed here. However please feel free to go onto the supplier website listed under SUPPLIERS on our webpage.

We encourage our clients to view actual products and therefore invite you contact us to set up an appointment.

  Mens Fleece & Knitwear

Micro Polar Fleece Navy Grey

Micro Polar Fleece Black Grey

Mens zip off sleeve micro fleece

Barron Midland Bodywarmer

Barron Kent Jacket knit

Essential Fleece 1/4 Zip Top

Enduro Lightweight Fleece

Classic Jersey v-neck

Classic Micro Fleece Jacket

Elevate Taza 1/4 Zip Sweater

US Basic Omega Hoody Sweater

Slazenger Ignition Micro Fleece Jacket

Slazenger Smash Heavy Weight Hoody
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