We have selected styles from various suppliers that we believe offer good value for money based on quality and price. These samples can be viewed here. However please feel free to go onto the supplier website listed under SUPPLIERS on our webpage.

We encourage our clients to view actual products and therefore invite you contact us to set up an appointment.


APD202 Apron Black Utility with adjustable Neck strap

APD202 Apron Navy Utility withadjustable Neck Strap

APD202 Apron White Utility with adjustable Neck Strap

K Apron Long Khaki

K Apron Long Bottle

APD201 Waiters Apron Black

BC0002 Backpack Cooler

COOL5025 Hampton Basker Cooler

BH0010 Leather Wine Holder Single Holder

BH0004 Leather Wine Holder 2 bottle

BH0022 Tribal Braai Set

Boot Organiser

MAC 85095 white reg spoon mug

E3883 Triangle Pens

PEN748 Serendae Ball Pen Silver

BD0051 Desk Calculator Black

E5013 Metal Bottle opener Keyring

BE0003 Car Charger USB 2

br0017 Foldable Stadium Cushion

BR0008 Golf Umbrella Black

BR0008 Golf Umbrella Black

UMB20 Royalty Golf Umbrella 2 tone various colours

bw0033 Endurance Water Bottle

DW6620 500ml Water Bottle

FOLD 2074 Obsidian Folder

F4KSP Koskin A4 Folder

FOLD Benchmark A4 Folder

Greystone Business Card Holder

Pen 780 Silver Navy
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