We have selected styles from various suppliers that we believe offer good value for money based on quality and price. These samples can be viewed here. However please feel free to go onto the supplier website listed under SUPPLIERS on our webpage.

We encourage our clients to view actual products and therefore invite you contact us to set up an appointment.

  Mens Woven Shirts

Elevate Sycamore Shirts

Elevate Preston Shirts

Barron Saga Shirts

Barron Madison Shirts

Barron Oxford Shirts

Biz Micro Check Shirts

BAS3416 Mens Kenton Long Sleeve Check

BAS3423 Mens Huntington Long Sleeve check

BIZ3616 Boston Long Sleeve

BAS3422 Mens Huntingon Short Sleeve Check

BIZ3628 Metro Long Sleeve

BIZ3629 Metro Short Sleeve Wovens

Rolando N06 Sky, N08 Perriwinkle, N07 Med Blue

N04 Rolando French Blue, Charcoal

Outback Shirt
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